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My name is Hadar Silverman.  I'm an independent contractor and created Earthborn Interactive as an outlet for my freelance services and creativity.   I graduated from Pratt Institute (Brooklyn, NYC) with a Bachelor of Architecture and a focus in computer graphics, and continued my more formal educational journey with research in the field of Urban Regeneration while attending Freie Universität (Berlin, Germany).  I have experience working with architects, educators, entrepreneurs, inventors, engineers and business leaders.

My contribution in the field of architecture includes 15 years of intermittent work with project types including single & multi-family housing, commercial fit-outs, wineries, transportation infrastructure, construction logistics and interactive visualization.   The services I have provided range from schematic design, to construction documentation, and interdisciplinary coordination using traditional CAD programs and BIM as a medium to communicate design intent.

My experience in programming started with Macromedia (Adobe) Director using the language “Lingo” to program both games and construction logistics interfaces.  After Lingo, I developed programs using Adobe Flash including the use of both AS2 and AS3.  In 2013, I started working with game engines.  With Unity, I started working with C#, and with Unreal Engine, I developed a deep understanding of the UE4 API using both Blueprints and C++ and found that much of what I programmed in the Unity engine was already native in UE4.  Being a freelancer/generalist, I became familiar with most parts of the engine and how all of the different features communicate and interrelate to create engaging content on multiple platforms.  

The content I developed included collaborating with educators to create apps for children with ASD, creating virtual maker-spaces for library systems, building games for Xbox & PlayStation, and currently contribute to the training and simulation industry with the use of virtual and augmented reality.   

Thanks for stopping by and feel free to reach out with any comments, questions or thoughts.