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My name is Hadar Silverman.  I'm an independent contractor and created Earthborn Interactive as an outlet for my freelance services and creativity.   I graduated from Pratt Institute (Brooklyn, NYC) with a Bachelor of Architecture and a focus in computer graphics, and continued my more formal educational journey with research in the field of Urban Regeneration while attending Freie Universität (Berlin, Germany).  I have experience working with architects, educators, entrepreneurs, inventors, engineers and business leaders.

My contribution in the field of architecture includes 15 years of intermittent work with project types including single & multi-family housing, commercial fit-outs, wineries, transportation infrastructure, construction logistics and interactive visualization.   The services I have provided range from schematic design, to construction documentation, and interdisciplinary coordination using traditional CAD programs and BIM as a medium to communicate design intent.

My experience in programming started with building interfaces for construction logistics software and flash-based games.  In 2013 I started building content with Unreal Development Kit (UDK) and shortly thereafter, Unreal Engine 4 (UE4). I continued to develop an understanding of the UE4 API using mostly blueprints and some C++.  Being a freelancer/generalist, I became familiar with most parts of the engine and how the different features communicate and interrelate to create engaging content on multiple platforms.  

The interactive content I have developed includes:

  • Collaborating with educators to create apps for children with ASD

  • Creating virtual maker-spaces for library systems 

  • Building games on console, VR and mobile platforms

  • Training & simulations for energy & defense  

Thanks for stopping by and feel free to reach out with any comments, questions or thoughts.


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